Bob Dylan is my co-pilot

sometimes you just have to get in the car and drive.
skip the seatbelt, fuck the grocery list, and don't look back.
maybe you know the driver, or maybe you just met.
life isn't alway about being level-headed, well thought-out or having enough in the bank. 
sometimes it's all about being whole-hearted, under gunned and ready for anything.

surf til dark. kiss a stranger. and get a little dirty.

Kickin it, Island kine.

Lucky we live Hawaii is the saying you hear on the radio, maybe in line at
 Pukalani Superette, or maybe those words just come to mind on the drive into town.
Sure, we might have a little more dirt on our floors & a few more spiders in our sheets-- but i'd gladly take them both for the heavy doses of beauty that comes in the daily.
Life is a little slower here. A little more green. A little less defined, and i like it just the way it is.
My truck doesn't usually drive over 45 mph and i don't make it into town most days.
I shower outside, surf often, and eat peppers from my garden.
I can count my close friends on one hand, and have to store my potato chips in the freezer.
We be kickin it..... island kine.