↣↣↣ Pour me another one, Petra Collins ↢↢↢

Wow. It's just that kind of a week.....got a message from a friend this morning letting me know that Toronto film photo babe Petra Collins in here in the Pacific NW shooting an Urban Outfitters lookbook!! I had heard of her but after sinking my teeth into her grainy, ethereal, prism-y amazingness......i fell in love. I think i spent way too long inside of her magical, mystical world as all i wanted to do today was crawl inside and stay there. Kinda makes me want to stalk every cool alleyway, coffee house, and woodsy swimming hole for a chance to see her in action. 

This babe has shot for: Oyster Magazine, Vogue Italia, Chloe Comme Parris FW /12 Lookbook, Refinery 29, Rookie Mag, among many more rad publications. 

I'd Rather be a Bandit Than a Lover

Wow, i love it when i'm just doing my morning thing and i stumble across something amazing....
Introducing, The 2 Bandits.
Texan born, designer Tamar Wider really shows her roots. I am in love with the turquoise and silver, & her laid back Texas spirit. Now based out of San Francisco, you get the best of both worlds as she brings into the mix good 'ol Nor-Cal charm.
We plan on tracking her down for a collaboration right after i finish my coffee!!
so. in. love.
and her website: http://the2bandits.com/


 (backstage bells - by sugarhigh+lovestoned)

we've all done it. went to the store, bought a fist full of boxes of RIT dye, threw away the instructions and tie dyed anything and everything we could get our hands on. 
this summer we decided to bring it back, only this time we carefully selected our hues,  met with a real live tie dye guru on Maui and took to the winds! Chloe from http://iloveborntobewild.blogspot.com/ and the other half of Sugarhigh + Lovetoned will be tie dying by hand our entire Late Summer collection in her 
sunny Santa Cruz bungalow. 
you can check out the our current tie dyed pieces we have now, including our coveted "backstage bells" in our recently launched online store


Shot on-location in Auckland-native’s alley. Aussie babe,  Zippora Seven takes to the open road with 
nothing but the day ahead. 
photographed by Edouard Plongeon in Avenue - 2011.