This kid kills me every time he does a shoot! Yes, the chicks are hot. Yes-- leather, motorcycles, american flags and nipples are like so on the top of my list as shoot must-haves. But even more than that, it's this old school, i-don't-give-a-fuck, free+spirited underlying all-american energy of a generation that sucks you in. I'll always have an eye out for what Carey Haider's up to.....even if it is out of pure jealousy. Next time i see this kid, i'm buyin him a shot of the good stuff. 
Keep it real.

photos by: carey quinton haiderMUA: shontelle vincent  styling: maya bee dahlgreen 

▿▿▴▿▿ MOTO+BABES ▿▿▴▿▿

I've been hangin' out with some pretty rad chicks over this past week. 
It's been a lot of hard work, a lot of whiskey-swillin, and a lot of leather, fringe, vintage tee shirt + tie dye love.
It's rare when you can find a group of hard-working, moto-babe, horseback ridin, guitar-playin, surf+rat, like-minded people that really get what you get, see things how you see things that know how to have a good time makin it all happen.
California, you've been good to me.
Heyoka + Bandit + Sugarhigh///Lovestoned
ride on.


Introducing Bandit Brand. This tee-shirt line is totally 100% badass. A naked body-surfing, rad lady outlaw from Santa Cruz is the girl behind the sexy, biker babe meets western laid back label. She is just one of the collections that we have teamed up with to form our new showroom collective,  
>>---------------> Free Agency <--------------<<
made in the u.s.a + sewn here////not flown here
833 South Spring St. LA
Primrose Design Space

photos by Michael Schmidt ◭◭◭◭◭ www.banditbrand.com


Photographer: Amanda Smith 
Model: Skye Sengelmann
Styling: Tami Snodgrass
Hair/Make-up: Shontelle Vincent
Set+Photo Assistant: Marissa Winder
Inspired by Stevie Nicks

Wearing Sugarhigh + Lovestoned: Rolling Stoner Crop, Black Leather Pyramid Vest + Studded Bandeau.
Shop the collection here.

Crystal necklace by Torchlight
Leather + turquoise breast plate by Heyoka

When we first met Skye Singlemann, a crystal-swinging, pole-dancig, hippie love child from Hawaii, we knew right away that we had to do a Stevie Nicks inspired photoshoot with her. It's not just the way she looks, it's her wild child spirit, the way she dances, and her down-for-anything attitude. 
With an Olympus OM-1 from the 1960's with a remote trigger and few old prism filters, our photog Amanda Smith brought Stevie's Crystal Visions to life.
Cheers to an amazing day + a even better crew!