R E B E L ▼ Y E L L

It happens to us all.....that feeling boiling up inside of you that you've been ignoring for just a little bit too long. Well, i can feel it coming on strong. Not sure if it has to do with the Scorpio New Moon, or if it's something even more powerful than that. I want to run and roar and drink and dance and yell and cry and drive forever and jump in the ocean and howl at the moon all at the same time.

<<:: SWEET JANE ::>>

▲ S U R F .:. T R I P ▲

Surfing in the NW is gnarly, man. You have to bundle up - drive forever, pray for sun and good surf conditions....but when it all happens - it's magical. A 90 minute drive each way to the nearest break turns a surf session into a whole day's trip. They call it Smuggler's Cove. A tucked away sandy beach with a 1/2 mile hike thru old growth forrest, dripping ferns, a rushing creek and a swinging bridge. Shoulder high sun-spattered lefts and rights made my 3 & a half hour session one to be remembered. 

««« T A L L O W »»»

Ah, the girls behind Tallow have done it again. Designers Ali Mandalis & Shannon Clynes - Byron Bay locals have teamed up with Santa Cruz sand artist Jim Denevan for their Spring 2012 lookbook. Their photography and videos blow me away.These girls are log ridin, single fin cuties with an eye for swimwear, wetsuits and dry land threads.....& they know how to ride the line.  
all photography by Samuel Lindsey & Justin Crawford   www.tallowgallery.com