crazy butterfly

pupule pulelehua - hawaiian translation: "crazy butterfly." 
I think that's how you can describe the feeling i've got stuck inside of me while we work feverishly to make our goal for our project on kickstarter
We have but 8 days left, and we will stop at nothing to reach our goal. I stayed up til 1a.m. last night with Dirty Dancing playing in the background - painting the surfboard for our silent auction in Paia, Maui this Friday night. ---together, we got this! 

dream big or go home.

here it is, the flier for the auction, we'll be getting them back from the printers on the 28th....and what better way to start off, but by giving a shout out to Ellen Stapleton - artist & illustrator all the way from Brisbane, Australia! Thank you for getting involved and believing in us from afar. after all the work being put into this thing called our dream, it's always best to unwind with a little board session.
ride on.

dream on, you crazy diamond.

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what dreams are made of. We have a dream, we have a vision of what we want, what makes us radiate from the core of our being... and we are working everyday to achieve the funding to start on our path. Chloe & I are putting on a fundraiser slash silent auction to raise money for funding our dream through our project on Kickstarter. 
we've got people pledging in donations from all over the globe - our most recent, a painter from Australia. The support has be amazing! Take part, be a part or just share the ride....more details to come.

puttin out some good vibrations.

Putting out some good vibes. 
Picked out some of my favorite shots for this post. Got my lucky cone shell in my pocket that i found on the beach this morning, wearing my favorite tee shirt, and got my fingers crossed.... Chloe, my biz partner-in-crime, and i are launching later today a video that could single-handedly make our dreams come true. We are participating in's amazing program that lets you show the world your dream, what it would take to make it come true and the rest is up to us to get the word out to as many people as we can possibly think of to help us out and make this happen. i'll let you know more how this works after we launch. and we've got lots and lots of cool things to give away like bumper stickers and trucker hats and even a hand-painted skate deck, by me :) so go ahead, get your monday out of the way and keep an eye out for our next move, cuz it's a big one!