rooftop access

rooftops, so sexy. best place for an inner city sunset session. the wind in your hair, the city below - you feel like you're on top of the world!  if i had to live in an urban setting, i'd def. need one for myself.

electric lady-land

long hair, morning breath, torn jeans, old tee shirts, and an i don't care attitude keeps us wanting more. the music they make is just another reason why we love them.

(photos 1-3 Cat Power, photo 5 Thao, photo 6 Lyyke Li, photos 7-9 Warpaint)

afternoon delight

it's daze like these, where you may not even leave your backyard. those afternoons that seem to linger on a little longer than usual. when day turns to evening, but you didn't even notice the twilight. those are the ones to remember.
(photos 1&6: erin wasson, photo 2: spell, photo 3: jason lee perry, photos 5 &7: Nasty Gal Spring 2011 collections)