It's the reason i go to bed before it's fully dark and wake up every morning before dawn.
it is why the prevailing winds are my preferred topic of conversation
and my wetsuit, my most consistent fashion statement.
it is the one thing i have that i actually own
because it owns me.
it is the next wave, and it's mine.


 Bedheads and mopeds.....two of my favorite things ever.
Yes. I don't brush my hair. Like never-ever.
Yes. If you have a moped i will probably hang out with you until you give me a ride.
They both represent freedom and organized chaos, and life of the lived.
Go forth, awaken and leave it as it is.
And ride........


Where everyone's name is Butterfly, bottled water is worth it's weight in gold and quiet is the enemy.
<<<< glow. paint. pixie dust. color-bombs. glitter  >>>>
It's a period in my life where you called a hotline from a payphone to destination #1, to get the map in order to get to destination #2. Sometimes taking a hand written, xeroxed piece of paper from a guy in a giant hoodie helping you to make it thru three or four map points until you finally reached that amazingly abandoned, thumping, pulsing warehouse that would soon become your entire universe. 
And sometimes, just sometimes -- the best part of the night would be the journey itself........
not the destination.
Rave on.

{captured on film in all it's chaotic glory by photographer Bjorn Ewers}


It's Indian Summer in Portland. 
That means drinking coffee til noon, while the vinyl's been spinnin' since 9am. 
Wakin up slow and taking it all in. 
Kimonos in the kitchen, vintage in the's some kind of velvet morning.

Photography by: Amanda Leigh Smith >>
Styled by: Jemima Menkhus
HMUA: Morgan Enfield
Model: Sharon Elizabeth Coplon

Hey momma, rock me....Prince Rama


I stumbled across these girls on my way back to my friend's flat after my first Brooklyn editorial and fell  IN LOVE!!!
If it wasn't their outfits, glitter or amazing creativity oozing from every pore that got me 
then it was no doubt their esoteric synchronized dance moves that stole my heart forever more.
These Brooklyn babe+o+trons running off of Paw Tracks records are just the kind of girl+girl act that i cannot live without. See them live for all the magic. I snapped the last two shots with my iphone that balmy summer night.........
It's the Now Age. - check out their passion project,