As plan B would have it - model Lauren Hanawalt stepped into our world, leaving Plan A somewhere in the dust......A lover and a fighter, this girls' got it goin on. Just wanted to pay a little homage to Lauren- who came into the shoot feeling a bit under the weather, completely nailed it - and ended up spending the whole next day in the ER. Definitely gonna have to keep my eye on this one.

photography images 1-7: zoey grossman, jewlery images 1-7: rouse jewelry, photography photos 8-13: tamara lichtenstein, sick studded tee: sugarhigh + lovestoned

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For some, they are the odd spots of boredom, for others havens of relaxation. For some they mean necessary evil, others use them as roadside rests on a long journey. Then again others use hotels and make them the center of their living.The Chelsea Hotel even became an oasis within the breeding grounds of New York's Beat Generation. New York City is the biggest concert arena, the largest open air festival on earth and it's not long-haired hard rockers or skinny techno freaks who are the main actors but the canyons of houses, the skyscapers and the frantic pace of a postmodern society that is setting the trends for the rest of the world. This is the center of the universe, this is where it all starts. Arts, culture and commerce. Pure Rock 'n'Roll. New York, New York is swinging, jazzing, rocking and rolling.
--words taken from Christof Graf
This hotel does not belong to America. There are no vacuum cleaners, no rules and shame...it's the high spot of the surreal. Cautiously, I lifted my feet to move across bloodstained winos passing out on the sidewalks--and I was happy. I witnessed how a new time, the sixties, stumbled into the Chelsea with young, bloodshot eyes.  --in the words of Arthur Miller
The Chelsea was a both a resting place and a safe haven for many wandering, creative, lost, and meandering people. A place i wish i had stumbled into and stayed for a good long while.

:: wild & free ::

It's the turn of the seasons....there's an undeniable chill in the air. It makes me want to dig out my jeans, throw on a sweater and head for better weather. Where will the season take me......