i am a couch surfer.

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some of us have done it, and some of us never will. when you find yourself in a transition into your next chapter, but you don't have it all figured out yet. when your friend's couch is your home, your office, and your ticket to freedom. character building, yes.

the journey is the destination.

with all of life's modern luxuries, it's easy to take the fast lane: iphones, g.p.s., airports and credit cards. let's not forget about how awesome it can be to take the long way there....when the time of day becomes nothing more than a moment in time between sunrise and sunset. when not having tickets to the show you were dying to go to, somehow no longer matters if you make it there or not. it's all about the little things. an ice cold coke, a sunny morning, waking up in a tent (that may not even be your tent). take your time--- if you get there, you get there.

let the music set you free.

record stores, listening booths, car rides and rock concerts. these are just a few of the times that music takes you over and lets you go to back in time, or make you feel like you hope that moment lasts forever.
rock steady.

going the distance.

Sometimes you hear a band that make your arms tingle, your eyes well up, and make you feel like you just had your second happy hour beer with your friends on a sunny day...and these guys are it!
Weinland - out of Portland OR. These crazy kids are going for it, and i love that. They are the first project i've backed since my own personal success on Kickstarter. If everyone with a dream, supported those with a dream - i bet they'd all come true. That, and they have a sick band-van! xoxo

sonic youth.

if you wanna properly capture the essence of the freedom of youth, you have to
somehow figure out a way to work directly with an ever changing, always moving,
free spirited, reckless force that cannot be controlled or cerfewed or hindered any way. and this my friend is exactly what we intend to do. Sugarhigh + Lovestoned is teaming up with photographer Tamara Lichtenstein to shoot our new lookbook. And get this, she shoots solely in film.....
 Fuck yeah!   

just kickin' it.

wow. what a wild ride.....with our dreams within reach and nothing to hold us back, it's time to take some well deserved down time - with little bursts of uncontrollable happy dancing! i'll be posting inspires for our new collection, as it unfolds. ready-set-go!