Kickin it, Island kine.

Lucky we live Hawaii is the saying you hear on the radio, maybe in line at
 Pukalani Superette, or maybe those words just come to mind on the drive into town.
Sure, we might have a little more dirt on our floors & a few more spiders in our sheets-- but i'd gladly take them both for the heavy doses of beauty that comes in the daily.
Life is a little slower here. A little more green. A little less defined, and i like it just the way it is.
My truck doesn't usually drive over 45 mph and i don't make it into town most days.
I shower outside, surf often, and eat peppers from my garden.
I can count my close friends on one hand, and have to store my potato chips in the freezer.
We be kickin it..... island kine. 


two of my favorite things are surfing and being naked.
i think maybe it's because they both make you feel free-like really free.
i have yet to do both at the same time, but i feel it's something i will definitely do sooner than later.
will it be documented in a photograph? probably not. 
i'm thinkin it would most likely happen after one too many happy hour 
lilikoi margheritas, and there's a boy and a full moon involved. 
but then again, it could happen at any time.
life is short.
get naked.


This was one of those magical Maui days.......the sunny spot on an island caught
 in one of it's tropical winter storms. We loaded up the truck, headed west and struck gold! 
The perfect backdrop to launch a collaboration between brands Samudra & Sugarhigh+Lovestoned.
Shot on film by local girl gone NYC >> Bailey Rebecca Roberts. This girl has
the knowledge and respect of an Island upbringing, an eye for the unusual, the vocabulary of a scholar and a smile that's completely contagious. 
Take note of the launch of the SHLS Festival Stash pouch....It’s almost festival season + we all need something to carry all of our supplies + necessities for this years mind bending, body rocking, freedom finding parties to remember. These badboys are perfect for stashing body-paint, crystals, tarot cards, peace pipes, bikinis + backstage passes. 
photography /// Bailey Rebecca Roberts  
babe /// Jazmin Repollo
  styled by /// Tami Snodgrass of SHLS (me)
totally needed and awesome assistant /// Pi 'ikea Karlen


Man, i loooooove discovering new film photographers. Whoever said film is dead was dead wrong.
Who is this guy you ask? Eliot Lee Hazel, UK born now living in Los Angeles.
I was tipped off from the babes at Coyote Negro as their post caught my eye and i had to dig deeper. This guy has shot for musicians ranging from Cat Power to Jane's Addiction, has quite the impressive commercial fashion resume and keeps you wanting more. I am truly mesmerized by his work, might just have to give this kid a call.
in love? want to see more? here ya go:
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