.:. TAKE ME HOME .:.

I've been away from home for almost a year now. The longest i've gone since 1999.....in pursuit of a dream. What do you choose? I miss my friends, taking off my slippers at the door, bikini surfing, The Point, maui sunsets, rainbows, coconuts, lilikois, tank lines, road sodas, sandy sheets, salty skin, Tavares inside lefts, bleached out hair, Aloha Fridays, shave ice, surf wax, the jungle rain, Shark Pit, Hana side, and just cruisin.
Maui, wait for me......i'm on my way. Just taking the long way home.

a lot of the local photos were taken by my friends: Chloe, Mary, Shauna, Linda and Ashley...


I recently discovered this band due to Mattie Krall and her recent coverage of the band, Seasick Mama at the House of Creatives in Austin during SXSW.  
check out this sultry Tom Waits cover......yes!

photos 1 & 2 by Mattie Krall /// photo 8 by Eric T White


 Sometimes it just works out better than you thought. 
Cass Bird and Daria Werbowy make it look easy.
Cass is def. on our photog wish list......if you see her, let her know.


It happens to me every time i go there. LA is full of the most talented, wild-eyed, laid-back go-getters i've yet to run across. By chance we found ourselves in this dim+lit pole-dancing bar to meet up with  a designer kid we met in Vegas. Instead, we started talking to this guy. I started the post because of my soft spot for moto+babes and because i'm obsessed with anything shot by Jason Lee Perry.......but i couldn't help but add in a few at the end of the guy in the background. Partly cuz i had a beer with the kid and partly because he's kind of incredible. The guy welds and works on custom bikes at Silverlake Customs, does some pretty sick shit on wood panel and oh yeah - he skates. 
check out more of his work. we did.
ride on.