Went surfing with a couple of chicks about a month ago. Stormy seas, but sunny skies led to a short session and a sixer on the beach. The stories i took away from that day have stuck with me ever since. These were the girls who traded in the VW Westie that  their dad bought them at some junkyard in Colorado for a 1960's slope-backed tour bus with a fanged-nun on the side that had painted on it, "we do what we want" It was an omen. They took the plates off the Westie, attached them to the bus and took off for Dead Tour.... A couple of acid trippin, fun lovin, go-where-the-day-takes-you groupie babes. These were the girls who met the band, stole the backstage pass, skirted the law, danced til dawn, jumped the train, crossed the border, fell in love and never looked back.
These were the girls of the Grateful Dead.

photos 1-4: scanned photos from the girls at the beach, with the real We Do What We Want bus.....it really happened.

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  1. You're amazing! Your blog is amazing! All the best parts of American folklore... Love xox