≪≬≫ CRUZIN ≪≬≫

it's official. i'm taking the dog and my pick up and we're goin to Santa Cruz! it'll be nice to wake up in the same state as my business partner, heck we'll be under the same roof! sunsets everyday, surfing everyday...looks like i'm chipping away at my New Years resolutions already. Tomorrow i get my uke restrung and then that will be #3. 
next chapter, here i come!
photos 2,3,4,5 lauren nelson http://theurbanhippie.wordpress.com/ photos 7,8 ryan tartar http://www.shakasandsinglefins.com/


  1. I love all of these photos! It makes me so excited to move to California.

  2. yay!!!! join us!!!!! xoxo
    p.s. i LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  3. I love living in S.C. Best Place Ever!