↣↣↣ Pour me another one, Petra Collins ↢↢↢

Wow. It's just that kind of a week.....got a message from a friend this morning letting me know that Toronto film photo babe Petra Collins in here in the Pacific NW shooting an Urban Outfitters lookbook!! I had heard of her but after sinking my teeth into her grainy, ethereal, prism-y amazingness......i fell in love. I think i spent way too long inside of her magical, mystical world as all i wanted to do today was crawl inside and stay there. Kinda makes me want to stalk every cool alleyway, coffee house, and woodsy swimming hole for a chance to see her in action. 

This babe has shot for: Oyster Magazine, Vogue Italia, Chloe Comme Parris FW /12 Lookbook, Refinery 29, Rookie Mag, among many more rad publications. 


  1. do you know what brand the pink dress is?

    1. if i had to say, knowing Petra----it's probably vintage. xo